New 90 Inch Foil Mill for GRÄNGES AMERICAS

MINO are proud to announce a contract with GRÄNGES AMERICAS for a new 90inch/2,286mm Foil and Automotive Heat Exchanger Cold Mill, for the expansion of its aluminium rolling plant in Huntingdon, TN.

The mill is a wide strip (2280mm) high-performance, high speed 4-high mill with the latest rolling technologies and process control systems from MINO. Powerful AC drives
from MINO Automation will allow for precise control at high speeds, and the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s Avanti™ TCS system will
use model-based predictive control to deliver high performace AGC/AFC control.The mill will be commissioned in 2019/20.

This project marks a significant expansion by MINO into the North American market, and indicates a shift in investment in the aluminium rolling sector which returns to the the USA after two decades of retraction. The trend for manufacturing is set to continue and MINO will be at the forefront of this exciting trend.

First coil rolled on the third new mill for Yinbang Aluminium, China

After the highly successful installation of a wide (2,500mm) Six-High Cold Rolling Mill in 2013 and a Foil Mill in 2014, MINO has rolled the first coil on its third newly supplied mill at Yinbang Aluminium; the second new Foil Mill to be installed in their Wuxi production plant.

The mill is supplied with MINO’s latest technologies developed for foil rolling, including a hot edge spray system designed to relieve high tensile stress at the strip edges which allows stable rolling conditions at high speeds. Advanced electro/mechanical solutions allow the mill to control and produce high quality material over a wide range of strip thicknesses and widths.

MINO is delighted to be selected by Yinbang for a third time with a new foil rolling mill at Yinbang Aluminium. Repeat orders from the Customer are always a sure sign that the level of quality of MINO mills reaches the Customer’s demanding quality standards and satisfaction.

Key data of the new Foil Roughing Mill:
Type of alloys AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width 1,500mm
Max. entry strip thickness 1.2mm
Min. exit strip thickness 0.03mm
Max. coil weight 18t
Max. rolling force 1,000t
Max. rolling speed 1,500m/min

James Watts: The experiences of a new employee at Mino Process Control

James joined Mino Process Control in August 2016, as a graduate from Exeter University. To explain how he progressed from “rookie” to become a valuable member of the team James has written a short essay on his introduction and the journey through induction, training and becoming our latest (and youngest) process specialist. We hope you find this inspiring and interesting!

My first 6 months were in the office, where we develop, write and test our process control software. At MPC this was my “boot camp” experience learning the basic tools of the trade - in other words the main processes involved with the Avanti software (our control software), as well as how to use and edit the virtual interfaces for the software diagnostics used in the commissioning process.

In November of the same year I was given the opportunity to attend an active project site in China; a new aluminium rolling mill near Shanghai. This was my first opportunity to visit this amazing and very unique country, and to experience a true Mega City! Working as an assistant to my colleagues, I gained an invaluable understanding of the multi-field work required to make these projects a success. The actual process involved in commissioning a rolling mill is, by nature, complex. It requires a suite of engineering skills: computer software and hardware, mechanical and electrical engineering, and working with state-of-the-art sensors and actuators. All of which are used to design, build and commission the mill to achieve very high production speeds.

Following my induction training I was assigned to work on a new project in China, this time with three copper rolling mills. Due to the size and nature of the project there were Mino engineers from various offices of our group, making a multinational team. Our goal was to supervise the installation and startup of these new rolling mills, and for this my previous experience in China was invaluable. I was soon immersed in the computer hardware checks, software testing and configuration involved in getting the mills to a “first coil” state of production. Starting a new rolling mill is always a key moment in the project, when we get to see the real-time process control in action. Our control system automatically controls the thickness and flatness of the material as it’s rolled - prior to the startup we can simulate the process, but it’s the actual rolling conditions which really tests the control.

This project was quite the learning curve. I was mostly left to my own devices, but thanks to the support of my co-workers (both on-site and back in the office) I felt confident and satisfied that I had gained the essential experience of commissioning a new mill from installation to startup!

My second tour to China for this project was as the lead commissioning engineer. This was where I could put my new-found skills to the test. I was in charge of the software side of commissioning for the second rolling mill to be commissioned. One of the key tasks involved configuring software communications between our control systems and the other plant devices. This software is then proof tested prior to actual startup. No amount of simulation can prepare you for the real experience on site; you can only really learn these skills on the job.

This mill startup was a success - I am very proud of my progress and am looking forward to the next challenge in my career at Mino Process Control.

First coil for MINO Cold rolling mill at Bridgnorth Aluminium

Bridgnorth Alumnium and MINO have successfully rolled the first coil with the radically modernised and upgraded cold rolling mill installed in the new Litho centre expansion at Bridgnorth Aluminium Limited (BAL). The mill originally operated at a plant in Northern Spain until its closure in 2013. BAL purchased the mill with the intention to re-install at its newly finished Litho sheet expansion in Shropshire, England. After purchase and removal from Spain, a contract was placed with MINO of Italy for a radical and extensive modernisation of the mill. The mill was then taken to MINO’s workshop for a thorough check and inspection prior to re-engineering and modernisation.  Substantial surgery was made to all areas of the mill and large parts of the existing assemblies were scrapped, redesigned and replaced. The mill will form a cornerstone of the new expansion with an expected throughput of over 70,000 tonnes per year.

Elval of Greece awards new contract to MINO

Elval (Hellenic Aluminium) of Greece awarded MINO SpA of Italy the contract to upgrade its IHI cold rolling mill. The mill, which rolls aluminium strip, required modernisation with an emphasis on replacement of the process control systems to improve reliability, productivity and quality.

The first phase of the project has now been completed with the installation of a new MINO AVANTI technological control system, designed and built by MINO Process Control in the UK. Additionally, a new high resolution shape meter roll, roll coolant spray bars, X ray thickness gauges and new laser strip speed measurement devices were also installed. The spray bar system includes the MINO 'hot edge spray' system (H.E.S) for greater thermal control of the strip edge during high speed rolling. The H.E.S includes the latest in line MINO hot coolant delivery system for heating the rolling oil to dedicated spray nozzles.

The new 'Avanti' system includes the latest software control applications for AGC including Mass Flow and Feed Forward thickness control, complemented by the MINO advanced flatness control.

Also included in the improvements to the exit side of the rolling mill is a strip surface dryness system to remove residue rolling oil from the sheet surface before coiling. This equipment was designed and built in MINO's workshop based at its HQ in Alessandria, Italy.

Other improvements to the rolling mill will follow in phase two of the project.

This project is part of a strategic investment for Elval to improve one of its key rolling mill assets producing high added value sheet products.

This award to MINO follows on from the project under construction at Elval's sister plant in Bridgnorth, UK where MINO are contracted to make a total rebuild of a cold rolling mill for the Bridgnorth plant.