New 90 Inch Foil Mill for GRÄNGES AMERICAS

MINO have successfully completed the flagship project for a new wide, fast thin strip/foil rolling mill for : GRÄNGES AMERICAS. The mill was installed in 2019 and completed in 2020. The mill has been accepted is early 2020 and is now continually breaking shift records for production.  

The mill rolls wide sheet 90inch/2,286mm for various Foil applications including Automotive Heat Exchanger material. This has been a highly successful expansion of the aluminium rolling plant in Huntingdon, TN. The MINO mill is the most advanced high-performance, high speed 4-high mill operating in North America. With the latest rolling technologies and process control systems from MINO, powerful AC drives and advanced automation this mill is now the ‘flagship’ for Granges Americas plant. To allow the mill to roll at very high speeds of 1800 m/min (5500 ft/min) the latest generation of MINO Process Control’s Avanti™ TCS system will control flatness and thickness is used to control the process. 

This project marks a significant expansion by MINO into the North American market, and indicates a shift in investment in the aluminium rolling sector which returns to the the USA after many decades of retraction. The trend for manufacturing is set to continue and MINO will be at the forefront of this exciting trend.