First coil rolled on the third new mill for Yinbang Aluminium, China

After the highly successful installation of a wide (2,500mm) Six-High Cold Rolling Mill in 2013 and a Foil Mill in 2014, MINO has completed the third newly supplied mill at Yinbang Aluminium. The mill is fully accepted and becomes the second new Foil Mill to be installed in their Wuxi production plant.

The mill is supplied with MINO’s latest technologies developed for foil rolling, including a hot edge spray system designed to relieve high tensile stress at the strip edges which allows stable rolling conditions at high speeds. Advanced electro/mechanical solutions allow the mill to control and produce high quality material over a wide range of strip thicknesses and widths.

MINO is delighted to be selected by Yinbang for a third time with a new foil rolling mill at Yinbang Aluminium. Repeat orders from the Customer are always a sure sign that the level of quality of MINO mills reaches the Customer’s demanding quality standards and satisfaction.

Key data of the new Foil Roughing Mill:
Type of alloys AA1XXX, AA3XXX, AA5XXX, AA6XXX, AA8XXX series alloys
Max. entry strip width 1,500mm
Max. entry strip thickness 1.2mm
Min. exit strip thickness 0.03mm
Max. coil weight 18t
Max. rolling force 1,000t
Max. rolling speed 1,500m/min